S.D. Strong Distilling

Cave Concert 6: The Brevet

Cave Concert 6: The Brevet


April 27


06:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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SD Strong Distilling

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S.D. Strong Distilling

8500 Northwest River Park Drive #136a, Parkville, MO 64152

Parkville, MO, US, 64152

SD Strong Distilling Welcomes Alternative Rock Band:  The Brevet!

A Once in a Lifetime Experience 65 ft below ground.

Hear lead singer Aric Chase Damm’s gritty vocals kick in, the moment where—if you’ve got an ounce of soul in your body—your foot starts tapping almost involuntarily. The “woah-oh-oh” hook that hits next is the kind you feel in your bones, the eminently danceable kind that makes you want to shoot straight up, kick your chair back, and move.

Doors open at 6.

Show starts at 7pm.


Cash Bar.

(We do not serve food.)