S.D. Strong Distilling

Donation Requests

Donation Requests

Thank you for considering S.D. Strong Distilling for your future sponsorship opportunities.

Please fill out this request 90 days prior to your event.

Our Custom gift bag donation includes the following:

  • Private ​tour 65 ft below ground at SD Strong Distillery
  • Bottle of one of our Made In a Cave Products
  • SD Strong Distilling Hat
  • SD Strong Leather Wrapped Flask

Retail value: Priceless. We are the only legal distillery, that we know of located in a cave on the planet.

Keep in mind we do not donate to:

  • Organizations outside the states in which our products are sold (We sell in: Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, and Texas)
  • Individuals
  • For profit entities
  • Donations for political purposes ​Political campaigns and/or events
  • Anything school related ​School-related events and functions
  • Third parties raising money on behalf of a non-profit
  • Events geared toward individuals under 21
A 90 day advance notice is required for all donation requests.
Ex: Social media platforms, how many posts?