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7 year Big Boom Bourbon

7 year Big Boom Bourbon

Created In honor of Park University’s 150th Anniversary

Endurance and innovation.  These are the hallmarks of Park University.  In 1875, Park was founded to educate the young people of what was then part of America’s frontier.  Students quarried the limestone used to construct the 125-year old Mackay Hall, the physical embodiment of Park’s long-standing commitment to transforming lives through accessible, student-centered, quality higher education.

150th Anniversary

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Carefully developed by S.D. Strong Distilling in a cave beneath the Park University campus, the 7 Year Big Boom Bourbon epitomizes endurance and innovation as well.  Reserve your bottle today.  When it arrives in 2025, we welcome you to join us in toasting a great collaboration and a historic 150-year educational journey.

SD Strong Distilling Teaming Up With Park University


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